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Statamic development with flat rate plans and a build time of 5 weeks or less.

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  cms: 'Statamic',
  duration: '4 weeks',
  work: 'async',
  quality: 100,
  driver: 'fun',

How we work

Remarkable.dev is the middle ground between unreliable freelancers and bloated, expensive agencies, with the build process so smooth that it will blow your mind.

Totally async

Don't like meetings? We don't either

Meetings are expensive. That’s why we completely outlawed them. Instead, we work asynchronously and automate as many interactions as possible to save you time.

Efficient & simple

Everything’s organized in one place

Your whole project is managed in Notion. Use the templates to write requirements and quickly create tasks, or drop a Loom video link when it’s easier to show.

Focused & specialized

Statamic and Laravel experts

Instead of jumping from one trendy framework to another, we embraced the SALT stack. It helps us to ship your website faster, with more robust code.


Perks so good you‘d be crazy to go anywhere else for development. Seriously.

Flat rate

No surprises here! Pick the plan and pay the flat rate.

Lightning-fast loading

Leverage Statamic static caching for maximum performance.

Unrivaled editing experience

Each Statamic site is fine-tuned and configured for the site's content.

Modern codebase

Best practices of Statamic that produce clean and maintainable code.

Rapid build time

With our battle-tested process, your website will be ready in 5 weeks or less!

Top-notch quality

World-class designs translated into a high-quality web experience.

Loved by clients

Here is what clients are saying about us.

Easy and smooth process due to a very high skill level and great communication.

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Misha Petrov

Director of Technology at Fiction Tribe

Let‘s keep it simple

Transparent pricing, no surprises.


Statamic core features for startups looking for the best value for money.



Get started
  • Build time: 4 weeks

  • Up to 8 unique page layouts

  • Fully static website optimized for performance

  • Server setup with automated deployments

  • The entire website version-controlled and "backed up"

Most popular


Features beyond core Statamic for sizable, more challenging projects.



Get started
  • Everything included in Core

  • Build time: 5 weeks

  • Building Statamic Fieldtypes, Widgets, Utilities, Bard fields

  • Search

  • Utilizing some Laravel features

  • Pulling data from 3rd party APIs

  • Up to 4 additional page layouts


Statamic website combined with a Laravel app for most complex projects.


(starting from)


Get started
  • Everything included in Extended

  • Build time: 10+ weeks

  • Unleashing the full power of Laravel

  • Utilizing a database

  • Authentication

  • Payment integration with Stripe

  • Unlimited page layouts

  • Real-time collaboration via Slack


  • Animations

  • Content migration

  • Design mockups audit

Frequently asked questions

Many of our projects are built in collaboration with agencies and under NDAs. But if you reach out, we can privately share our best work.

We focus on new projects and full website builds, so we don’t offer retainers or hourly work. After the development is complete, we won’t be able to help or support you. But, we might be able to help with larger tasks, like version 2.0 of your website.

You might be surprised to hear this, but Remarkable.dev is a company of one. This means you'll work directly with me, Jason Baciulis, the founder of Remarkable.dev.

Let’s have fun and build you a remarkable website!