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  cms: 'Statamic',
  duration: '3-5 weeks',
  editing: 'effortless',
  quality: 100,
  pageSpeed: 100,
  driver: 'fun',

Companies that use Statamic

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  • FreshBooks logo.
  • Transistor logo.
  • Cisco Investments logo.
  • Mailer Lite logo.
  • OpenTable logo.

The Remarkable way

We combined the best agency and freelancer experiences and added a splash of SaaS automation. The result is cost-efficient services, with the process so smooth that it will blow your mind!

Skip the fluff

No cliche sales cycles.

Sign up and get immediate access to your dedicated client dashboard. Follow our onboarding process and create your first project in a few minutes.

Async & Efficient

Cut down on meetings.

We provide you with a quick way to start a project, a smooth checkout, and a way to keep you in the loop through the entire project without meetings or lengthy emails.

Speed & Quality

Get your website in 3-5 weeks.

Statamic helps us to ship your website faster, with more robust code. Each website is fine-tuned and configured for an effortless editing experience.

Our work

Automated lead generation and CRM software for small businesses

Zapo already had Figma designs and was looking for a reliable partner to turn them into the Statamic website. The goal was to provide a better content editing experience than WordPress. We implemented pre-defined, reorderable page builder blocks to deliver an effortless experience.

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“Remarkable fully customised the entire editing experience, which has seriously improved our team’s productivity. It’s allowed us to build hundreds of unique landing pages with relative ease. Working with Remarkable has been utterly seamless, if you’re looking for a reliable partner to slot into your existing workflow, congratulations, you’ve just found them.”
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Nick Cole

Managing director at Zapo

Zapo case study.

A place for startups to become stellar enterprises

Fiction Tribe is a digital creative studio that needed help coding a website for their client Cisco. The goal of Cisco Investments was to increase awareness and get more leads. We used the GreenSock library to add scroll animations and interactions to tell a story and increase engagement.

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“Easy and smooth process due to a very high skill level and great communication. The client is absolutely happy with the work completed.”
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Misha Petrov

Director of Technology at Fiction Tribe

Cisco Investments case study.

The world's leading metaverse development studio

LandVault produced designs in-house and reached out to us to build their new Statamic website. The goal was to launch the new redesign ASAP. So instead of waiting to launch until everything was ready, we broke the project into 4 phases and shipped after each phase.

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LandVault case study.

Remarkable value for money

Perks so good you'll never need to go anywhere else for development. Seriously.

Lightning-fast loading

Leverage Statamic static caching for maximum performance.

Effortless editing experience

Each Statamic site is fine-tuned and configured for the site's content.

Modern codebase

Best practices of Statamic that produce clean and maintainable code.

Top-notch quality

Great design meticulously translated into an engaging web experience.

Direct communication

There are no proxies; you’ll interact directly with a person who does the work.

Fast turnaround

With our battle-tested process, your website will be ready in 3-5 weeks!

Let‘s keep it simple

Transparent pricing, no surprises.


Statamic core features for smaller and more simple projects.



Get started
  • Up to 8 unique page layouts

  • Build time: 3 weeks

  • Fully static website optimized for performance

  • Server setup with automated deployments

  • The entire website version-controlled and "backed up"

Most popular


Features beyond core Statamic for growing and bigger projects.



Get started
  • Everything included in Core

  • Up to 12 unique page layouts

  • Build time: 5 weeks

  • Building Statamic Fieldtypes, Widgets, Utilities, Bard fields

  • Search

  • Utilizing some Laravel features

  • Pulling data from 3rd party APIs


The full power of Laravel combined with Statamic for large-scale projects.


Get started
  • Everything included in Premium

  • Unlimited page layouts

  • Build time: 10+ weeks

  • Unleashing the full power of Laravel

  • Utilizing a database

  • Authentication

  • Payment integration with Stripe

  • Real-time collaboration via Slack

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Frequently asked questions

Good question! First, finding a senior-level, reliable full-stack developer who knows Statamic, is cheaper, AND isn’t booked months in advance is incredibly time-consuming. Instead, you could spend this time building your business.

There is always some risk when working with a “cheaper” freelancer. At best, you won’t get the level of service you expect, and at worst, a freelancer disappears in the middle of the project.

It can get costly. The wrong hire can delay the project and, in the end, cost you more than just a higher dollar amount. How much is the 2-3 month delay AND all the associated stress worth to you?

With us, you get reliability and security. We’re remote but a US-based company, so you don’t have to sweat in case something goes wrong.

You’ll be working with a certified Statamic expert. So you can rest assured you’ll get maintainable code, effortless content editing experience, and designs translated into a high-quality web experience.

The process of working with us is smooth as butter. Register and get access to your dedicated client dashboard, follow our onboarding process, and create your first project in 2 minutes.

In short, Statamic is the best for building and maintaining a website that can adapt to how your business adapts. It keeps you safer and provides a better content editing experience than any other CMS.

This is a more in-depth comparison with WordPress from the Statamic team.

However, seeing is believing. So to get the feel of the editing experience, here is the demo of the Statamic control panel.

Before you make the decision, you should consider two things:

  1. How much flexibility and customization options do you want? How many integrations with other tools you’ll need?

  2. Who is going to maintain your website?

Webflow is targeted at simpler informational sites, while Statamic is designed specifically to build and manage custom websites. Webflow gets complicated quickly when you need to integrate with other tools like email marketing platforms or need more flexibility and customization options. In contrast, Statamic thrives with access to the entire Laravel ecosystem.

The most significant selling point of Webflow is a no-code website builder. It only makes sense if you plan to maintain the website in-house but don’t want to bother developers and want to assign your non-technical employees to build additional features. But if you’re considering paying a retainer for maintenance, the no-code benefit is irrelevant because you’re not doing the work.

In short, yes. However, we don’t offer hourly work.

Once we finish the project with an agreed scope, we can continue working on new features and changes using our monthly subscription.

The daily rate is $399. It’s charged only for the days we do any work. E.g., We did work on five days during the month, so at the end of the month, you’ll be billed $1995.

We recommend creating/accumulating a few tasks at once to avoid paying a full day’s rate for a minor task.

Our response time is within 48 hours. So generally, this is not ideal for urgent “server is down” tasks.

If you’d like a retainer that includes uptime monitoring/server maintenance, then reach out, and we can discuss this further.

Generally, the packages include coding your design into a website based on Statamic CMS. But if you’re a SaaS startup, check out our website revamp offer. Otherwise, if you need a web design, you can reach out, and we can discuss it further.

You might be surprised to hear this, but is an agency of one. This means you’ll work directly with me, Jason Baciulis, the founder of However, I’ll collaborate with partner designers for projects requiring web design.

We use the SALT stack (Statamic, Alpine, Laravel, Tailwind).

Let's build you a remarkable website