”What’s a good conversion rate for a SaaS landing page?“

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”What’s a good conversion rate for a SaaS landing page?“.

A conversion can mean many things. It’s an action you want your visitors to take — like signing up for a free trial, subscribing to your newsletter, or clicking a CTA button.

So, what’s a reasonable conversion rate for your landing pages? 

Unbounce conversion benchmark report gives us insights that will help you set a realistic target for your conversion rate.

According to Unbounce, the median conversion rate for SaaS landing pages in 2021 was 3%.

However, understanding what success actually looks like can be a challenge because a 3% conversion rate is the median for all types of landing pages, product categories, and traffic sources.

For example, traffic coming from Google ads seem to convert only at 2% on pages with a form. Compare that with traffic from an email that converts at mind-blowing 21%.

So we need to dig deeper and make sure we are comparing apples to apples.

Median conversion rates by SaaS categories (all landing page types)
Category Median rate
Apps & Devices 6.2%
Online Media 3.4%
Ecommerce platforms 3.3%
Analytics 2.9%
Cybersecurity 2.6%
Business Software 2.0%
Data & Infrastructure 1.8%

People coming from Google ads convert about as well on click-through pages as any other visitor, but that’s not the case for form-fill pages.

Conversion rate by traffic channel (form-fill page)
Traffic channel Median rate
Email 21%
Social 5.6%
Paid search 2%

You can expect way higher conversions on click-through pages (e.g., with a CTA button "Try 14 days free").

SaaS median rates by landing page type (all SaaS categories):
Page type Median rate
Click-through 10.1%
Form-fill 2.4%

So as you can see, the median 3% rate doesn't look so good on click-through pages, and you should aim much higher.

Note: The click-through median rate will likely be higher if a product is in the Online Media category or lower if it’s in Data & Infrastructure.

Key takeaway: Click-through pages perform best in SaaS. Consider creating a click-through landing page to persuade your audience about the problem your software solves before sending them to the sign-up funnel on your site.

Now that you know what rates to expect, check out our growth calculator to find out what impact a better conversion rate will have on your MRR.

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