7 signs it's time to revamp your product positioning and website design

7 signs that it's time to revamp your product positioning and website design.

Are you feeling stuck with your SaaS business?

Are sales plateauing, and your conversion rate just isn’t where you want it to be? 

It may be time for a repositioning and redesign of your website.

Here are 7 signs that it’s time for a change:

Your sales have plateaued

It’s natural for sales to fluctuate, but when they start to plateau, it’s a sign that something needs to change. 

A plateau indicates that you’ve reached the limit of your current market and it’s time to expand or reposition your product.

Consider whether your website accurately represents your product and effectively communicates its unique value proposition. 

If not, it may be time for a redesign to better showcase your product’s strengths and differentiate it from the competition.

Your conversion rate is below average

The median conversion rate for a SaaS click-through landing page is 10%. Anything below is a red flag that something is off with your landing page.

If your website isn’t effectively converting visitors into customers, you’re leaving money on the table.

Increase your conversion rate by making sure the design and copy come together in just the right way.

Your customers don’t really get what your product does for them

The questions flooding your support inbox indicate that your customers do not fully understand how to use your product or how to get results.

They are not utilizing all of its features, meaning there is so much untapped potential

It could also be that your customers are using the product in ways that were not originally intended.

For example, if your product was intended to help businesses find customers, but it is being used primarily by single guys to find dates… it may be time to reevaluate your website’s messaging and positioning.

You have a low engagement rate

The average engagement rate for B2B SaaS products is 61%.

A lower engagement rate on your website is a sign that your messaging isn’t resonating with your target audience.

It’s possible that your visitors’ awareness stage doesn’t match the messaging on your website. 

A website revamp can be an opportunity to rethink your messaging and make sure it’s compelling enough, so visitors engage and stay longer until they convert into free trials.

Engagement rate is a new metric on Google Analytics 4 that replaced Bounce rate. To calculate your bounce rate, you need to subtract your engagement rate from 100.

Your customers are unhappy and churning

It’s taken blood and sweat, but you've built a solid product.

And yet, customers constantly request new features you don’t plan on launching.

They grow inactive. They churn.

This means your marketing is attracting and converting the customers you’re not supposed to attract and convert.

They’re converting the wrong customers. And wrong customers mean bad business.

To attract the right customers for your business, you need to reevaluate and improve your messaging ASAP.

You look the same as your competitors (or worse)

If your website looks like everyone else’s in your market category, it will be hard to stand out and compete.

When every product looks the same, what do you think it comes down to when a customer is making a choice?

That's right. Price.

There is a better way than to compete on price.

Repositioning your product and redesigning your website can make you stand out in the crowded market.

Your website looks ugly

If your last design was done when you launched and looks like an amateur hour, it will not inspire confidence or build trust with your visitors.

Your design can communicate as much as your copy. Broken design principles is an excellent reason to go for a website redesign.

But while you are at it, you don’t have to be limited by only visual changes.

Let me explain...

The purpose of the redesign

It’s more than making it look pretty.

Your new website needs to look visually interesting, create the right feel, build trust and authority, speak to your ideal customers, and sell your product better than your best salesperson.

It needs to capture your visitor’s attention, clearly communicate value, outline features, and benefits, and answer questions.

It needs to convert more and better customers and establish you as the market leader.

Is it something you would be interested in? Because this is what we can help you to do.

You can read more about our website revamp offer.

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